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Silicon Bazar

Silicon Bazar is a seed startup venture fund, investing, accelerating and growing technology startups.

We invest in disruptive startups with significant traction and scale. We prefer young dynamic teams with a clear vision for success.
We invest in a range of sectors including of Fintech, TravelTech and startups who are either creating new industries or disrupting a large existing market.

At Silicon Bazar

Seed Capital

We offer seed startup venture capital to disruptive startups and teams who could demonstrate clear ability to manage and where the startup could scale and would create significant traction.


We offer business, legal and tax structuring and help develop teams and businesses by working with the founders and co-founders on micro and macro levels.


We have a hands-on approach and maintain an active role during the growth stages of the startup and work with the teams to develop sound businesses and help them to grow.

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